Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thailand last month

so last month i went to Thailand.
this is the pagoda garden in Bangkok. it was so beautiful and serene. one can just close their eyes and hear their own true thoughts. im young but ive had my fair share of stress in life. The silence was a wonderful thing. Air in that garden drifted carrying the light perfume of different flowers. while walking i craved to touch the ancient monuments. the flowers bright neon pastels mixing and somewhat blend into the landscape.  
Thai arabica this tea was so yummy it helped the jet lag big time :D i couldn't sleep but after a cup of this i was out on the couch for half the day: well need rest!

i saw lady gaga ! it was fine.. live performances are just not her thing i think. but thats just my opinion. Que blurry  photo... we get it gaga you're in Thailand no need for the dress up >.<

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my first blog!

This summer i decided to create a blog. Due to the amount to travel i'm doing... all alone! i'm young but cultured. Innocent but experienced. An old soul breaking the bonds of young adult hood. i probably don't make sense half the time but my photos, scandalous stories and and beautiful places are wroth the wait.